Thursday, June 6

Long Awaited

Its been almost a year since I updated this blog.  I got overwhelmed.  Four kids, twin boys who were eight months old, life.  And something had to give.  Poor blog.  I gave you up for the sake of sanity and it was a good decision.

But now, here I am, realizing an entire year has gone by:

The boys are 18 months old.  Walking, babbling, giggling and lots of fun.
Anne is much too old and just finished her first year of pre-school.
Elli is a hoot.  No really, a hoot.  Three and a half going on twenty.  I swear she's going to own a comedy club someday.

We sold our house.
Bought my parents' house.
Now live with my parents' in our house which used to be theirs. (No fear, I haven't completely lost my mind.  They are building a house.  This is temporary.)
Accepted a promotion.
Celebrated holidays.

And you missed all of it.  I'm so sorry.
So, here's a blog post that may or may not start a trend of more blogging.  I guess you'll have to check back to see.

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