Friday, May 11

Hearing Woes

So, I'm going in for my first CT Scan today to make sure I have a brain in my head. Just kidding. I really am getting a CT Scan done, but its to see how much scar tissue I have in my right ear from a boating accident that happened years ago. Either way, the doctor thinks I'm going to need surgery to remove the tissue. Hopefully this will help my hearing to improve in that ear. Be praying that the surgery will be outpatient and only last one hour (if you wanted to get specific)!

Also, we've been enjoying a fun-filled week of Tulip Time - Holland's Dutch Festival. I think they estimated 1 million people visiting our small town this week. Crazy! And we live in the heart of it all. It's a great way to get out enjoy the weather - smell the Tulips - eat lots of junk food - and visit friends. Now, after the parade tomorrow, I might change my tune. :)

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running shoes said...

wow! i had no idea you were having hearing problems. so when is the surg?