Thursday, June 19

New Toy

When I got home from work yesterday, there a knock at the door.  The UPS man (I love that guy!) dropped off a big brown box.  

Matt's immediate words were: What did you order online?!  (You ladies know that tone.)  
My response was: If I ordered something online without telling you, don't you think I would have it delivered when you're not home? (Probably not the right response for many reasons.)

Much to our surprise, it was a Bumbo seat from my previous boss in Kentucky!  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  Here's a picture of Anne in her new seat.  She loves it! 

She is already 5 months old and still bringing so much joy to our lives.  Even when she's utterly exhausted (like in the carseat picture above) she's smiling!


Kara said...

She's so smiley! I think I need to get one of those bumble seats (that's what my mother-in-law calls them :).

Paulina said...

She is precious! I'm glad she's enjoying the seat, Sophie never liked hers!

Kentucky Kate said...

Aren't those just the BEST things ever invented? They didn't sell them until Elise was too old for them, but i have a bebe pod (similar) for Evie and LOVE it. What a great ex-boss.


BUMBO CHAIRS ARE THE BEST!!! Evee loves hers, and you can even buy trays that attach to it, kinda like a highchair or to put the toys on the trays. Anyway. They are awesome!!!

The Talberts said...

I think I need to break down and buy one of those things. Everywhere I go, people are raving about them.

Anne looks happy as can be in hers.

Also .. don't you love taking great pictures of your baby in those car seats when the little sign behind their heads talks about injury and death?

The Kampers said...

I will echo everyone with the praises for the bumbo! We have a tray for ours and it worked GREAT as a travel high chair until just recently! Enjoy!