Tuesday, January 13

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Birthday, the Stomach Flu and Biggest Loser

Trick question.  Actually, they all belong - and they are all occurring today.  

It's Matt's 33rd birthday.  Happy Birthday, Love!  And he came home from work today with the stomach flu.  Boo. What a way to spend your birthday!  

Also happening tonight is the Biggest Loser.  Which has new meaning now that I've decided to join the Biggest Loser challenge with my friends.  Yikes!  Did I just announce that for all the internet to hear?  Now there's some accountability.  I guess we won't be eating ho ho's on the couch while we watch the fat people weigh in.  I WILL be the fat people!  So far I've eaten very well and am experiencing my first sugar headache of the week.  Tell me it gets better.  


The Kampers said...

yuck about the flu! And way to go with the biggest loser thing! I wish you well!

crystal said...

I always find it easier to resist eating at the beginning of watching the season. When they start losing large amounts I start eating to console myself that I could have lost weight with them if I would have tried harder. By the time the finale rolls around, I usually have a Graeter's pint in hand:-)

Not this year, I'm doing the Biggest Loser as well. I'm choking down an apple right now that I stole from Colin telling myself this tastes much better than the Taco Bell I really want:-)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!
Sorry about the flu. It's nasty. Evan and big James have had it now since Sunday night. It's always fun to wake up to a sick baby.

Good job with the Biggest Loser deal. I NEED to do that too. I'm not pregnant, and don't want to look like it anymore :)

Lee and Candace said...

Happy Birthday Matt Neal! Hope you feel better soon!!!

The Talberts said...

Happy Birthday, Matt! Feel better.

crystal said...

Okay, Rachel. I'm getting a little over the top with this BL thing. But Alison had her baby last night. A little girl named Megan Hope. So pretty:-)