Wednesday, February 2

Cruise 2011: Bahamas

This time last week we were exploring the island of Freeport in the Bahamas.  Such a drastic contrast to the exhilaration of shoveling hundreds of feet of snow.

In July, my brother called me to ask if we wanted to go on a cruise with them.  I laughed.  "We can't afford to go on a cruise!"  But, I entertained the idea, secretly hoping by some miracle it would be possible.  And what do you know?  We were able to find a five day cruise to the Bahamas for only $189 each.  The airfare followed suit at $130 each.  The transportation fell in line and before I knew it, we were going on a cruise!

It was such a treat for Matt and I to get away together.  As many of you with young children know, an uninterrupted conversation can do wonders for a marriage.  Uninterrupted sleep can do wonders for the individual.  And an entire meal enjoyed without a spill or scream?  That was icing on the cake.

I love my children dearly.  But I love my husband more.  And a few days away was just what we needed to feel refreshed and recharged.  I'm so grateful for this trip - and humbled because I know its nearly impossible for people at our stage of life to take adventures like this.

So, without further ado, here is a link to view our pictures.  And I'll post just one or two here to give you a taste of the album to see if its worth perusing.

Oh and if you would like to consider a cruise's the site we used to get a cheap vacation.  My parents have used it 8 or more times so they come highly recommended.

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Laurie said...

Hi Rachael! I am a friend of Pam's and I drop by and read your blog from time to time. Anyway, we are going on a cruise in ONE WEEK! Looks like you had a great time. I would love to know where you got your sandal shoes. They look really comfy.