Thursday, September 15

Whirlwind Fall

When I picture fall in my mind, sometimes I envision that scene from Winnie the know, the one where beautiful falls leaves are spun around Pooh in a whirlwind.  Well, anyways...that's kind of how life feels for us right now...whirlwindy.  So, there's not much posting going on this blog.  We're busy with work schedules, mourning the loss of a beloved coworker and trying to focus on one thing...getting through.

However, we can't ignore doctor's appointments in the middle of a pregnancy (as tempting as it may be).  And I had one yesterday.  The boys are healthy and strong...mama is healthy and strong too.  23 weeks measuring 29.  I can't believe we're beyond half way.

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Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Hey Rach,
Just thought I'd let you know, you are in my thoughts every day and in my prayers every night. You are gorgeous pregnant (totally jealous). I can't wait to see those boys!!! I am kind of biased to boys........I guess. My thoughts are with you and your Dad this weekend with the funeral you have to attend, I pray God can comfort all of you in any way. Your Dad is an awesome man and I would be blessed if my last day was with him. Love you guys, give the girls hugs for me. Ty keeps asking when we can go see Annelise again. By the way he has an Anneliase in his class this year!! Talk to you soon.