Friday, November 11

Standing My Ground

I think the fact that stores insist on selling Christmas merchandise earlier and earlier each year is just a commentary on our thankless culture.  Apparently in America when consumerism and gratitude go head-to-head, consumerism wins.  Just another reminder that we are selfish, bloated people with way too many needs wants and not enough thanks.  So, I'm standing my ground.  No Christmas celebrating until we given proper THANKS for all the many blessings we have.

In other news, I'm 31 weeks with the boys and the doctor says everything is great.  My blood pressure is spot on normal, I only gained one pound in the last week (bringing me to a total of 14) and the boys are growing away.  It appears carrying twin boys suits my body well.  It does not, however, suit my wardrobe well.  I've surpassed most of the maternity clothes that I was able to wear to the end of my other pregnancies and am not down to a few pairs of pants and an even fewer shirts.  Right now, dresses and leggings are my best friend.  Did you know Motherhood sells full panel maternity leggings?  Oh my, they are heavenly.  Never in my life have I enjoyed pulling my pants up to my boobs so much.  Sorry for the visual.

My sweet girls are so ready for the arrival of their brothers.  The room is finished and they love to go in there and read books on the rug or play blocks.  I like to think they are daydreaming about their brothers being in the crib.  But that's probably just a mommy thing.

Well, I haven't uploaded pictures here in a while.  Pregnant brain causes to me forget if I've posted them on the blog or just facebook.  So if any of these are duplicates...well double the pleasure I guess.  Enjoy!


Liz K said...

good for you! Stand your ground! And good to know about the leggins! I was thinking I might need to get a pair or two when I am home in Dec!

melissa said...

Oh my goodness. I'm totally with you on the Christmas thing. We make it a point to really delve into Thanksgiving celebrations.