Monday, December 12

Baby Update

(Reposting this from Facebook)

Well, after a looooong 36 hours on strict bed rest I saw my doctor today. Here's the update:

1. She is putting me on a drug (Procardia) to stop contractions.

2. This drug will also allow me to come off strict bed rest (PTL!), but I still have to be on home rest...which is basically the same thing, except I'm allowed to be out of bed and take care of the minor needs of my kids.  I'll still need a lot of help doing the things we moms take for granted: bending down to pick toys up, doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms...I never knew it took so much energy to do all these things.

3. I'm 36 weeks on Wednesday, so she wants to see me back then.  I'll have an ultrasound and growth scan for the boys and then a follow-up appointment with her.  At that point we'll decide what the next steps are.  If everything looks good, then I will keep cooking the babies until the 28th.

4. She thinks the boys are between 5.5-6 pounds each right now...WHAT?!  That's a whopping 11-12 pounds of baby, not to mention all the other stuff.  No wonder I feel so uncomfortable!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying!  We've really made it so far in this pregnancy without any complications and I can't complain.  Being uncomfortable is a small price to pay for the health of my babies.  Regardless of what happens, we're looking forward to the new year as a family of 6!


Lee and Candace said...

Sounds like a GREAT report overall! We'll keep praying for you!

Pam said...

That is a whole lotta baby in there! You're my hero to carry them so long. Amazing to think there are TWO in there!
Wish I was closer to help out a bit.