Thursday, June 21

Bad, bad blogger

Avoidance.  Probably.  Just another thing I have to do.  Rebellion.  Laziness.  Avoidance.  Most likely avoidance.

Those are all negative words.  Sorry.  I love my blog, my blogosphere, other bloggers.  But man, sometimes a blog is hard work.  And obviously I have slacked in taking care of this baby.  Sorry. 

So, here's a looooooong awaited update. 

My babies are six months old. WHAT?  That went fast.  Sleeping through the night, rolling over, eating solids (well, just started and loving it).  Unfortunately, I missed their six month appointment due to hand, food and mouth disease (that's another post all in itself).  So Matt happily took them for me (with Gigi's help, of course).  They are a whopping 11 pounds and some odd ounces and 26 inches.  Long and skinny.  Hm.  Doc thinks they are still about a month behind developmentally, which seems normal...they were four weeks early.  Man, are they getting cute too!

Annelise is four (going on fifteen) and constantly - CONSTANTLY - talks about when she'll be five.  "When I'm five, I can jump into the pool without my floaties on."  "Oh no, Mommy, I'll do that when I'm five."  She's darn smart.  Can add and subtract more than any four year old I know (maybe I'm biased) and is eeking excited to start school in the fall.  Mommy might be a little excited about that too.  She's ready.  I'm ready.

Elliora.  What a trip.  That kid never ceases to put a smile on my face.  She's every bit of two and a half and if I didn't know better myself, I'd say she was going to skip right past three to be five too.  She absolutely adores her sister and continues to be the most compassionate kid I know.  The word selfish is rarely attributed to her and sometimes I wish we had given her JOY for a middle name, because she's full of it.  Most of the time. 

Matt and I are busy working, taking care of home, taking care of kids and trying to enjoy what bit of summer we can in the midst of the chaos.  We celebrated Father's Day and my 30th birthday all in one fell swoop on the 17th and I have to say...I'm glad that's over.  30 doesn't scare me.  I mean, I have four kids, I might as well be 30 right?

So, that's us in a nutshell.  These kiddos are running me ragged and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

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Krista Bartlett said...

I can't wait to spend a week with you and catch up. I am glad you haven't blog so that we will have lots to chat about!