Tuesday, September 5

Back from Southeast Asia...On to TEACHING!

We arrived home from Southeast Asia on August 20th and hit the ground running on the 21st. Matt started work during those weeks, preparing for his classes and meeting LOTS of new people. And today is his FIRST DAY OF CLASSES! He just called during his break to say "so far so good." I'll get the real story tonight. I'm treating him to a dinner out - mostly so he can get his mind off the first day jitters - and secondly because we need a date!

Also a busy labor day weekend for us...Matt's parents were in town with their two foster kids (Daisha and Jamal) and his sister's family of four. Busy, but lots of fun.

If you get a chance, feel free to email or call us. I'm sure Matt would love some encouragement during his first week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your phone numbers and email. Now I can call you and write you whenever I want.
I love you- you're my favorite.
-scary internet stalker persons