Wednesday, October 18

Joining the Church

Matt and I officially became members at Calvary Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan! Well, I think I had become a member two or three times before, but this was his first. Here's our official membership picture.

We are really excited about God's work at Calvary. We will be signing up for a small group come November and can't wait to dive in!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Neals! We sure miss you here.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Matt & Rachael,
COngratulation on yet another commitment. With your passion for the Lord... community, watch out for the reinforcements are coming. :-)

God bless you and stay in touch. In fact, I am going to call you... soon.

The Kampers said...

you guys look soooo young! Doesn't 2006 seem like a lifetime ago? Prekid! And yes, I have no life since I am reading your posts from 2006!