Saturday, December 30

It's Over Already?

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone! Matt and I spent a wonderful 5 days in Kentucky with family and friends. It was fun to stay with his family and celebrate Christmas the Neal way - it's the first Christmas in my life that I haven't been with my family! I really enjoyed watching Daisha and Jamal open their gifts too. We were able to go to our old church on Christmas Eve. It definitely felt weird to be a "visitor" at what we still consider to be our church. They recently opened a new portion of the building, which was amazing! All in all, our trip to Kentucky was refreshing. And we promise it won't be 5 months before we visit again!

We celebrated Christmas in Michigan with my family last night. We opened presents at 5pm and then headed to Muskegon for a Fury hockey game. Going to the Muskegon Fury has become a Christmas tradition for our family. It's always a lot of fun - mostly watching Matt make a goof of himself. We love to watch the fighting (shh...don't tell dad) and the people that attend the event are also quite amusing. I didn't realize hockey was such a "hick" thing!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Kentucky Kate said...

Is it done yet? I'm dying to know how it turned out!