Tuesday, December 12

Never Ending

School, volleybally practice, play practice, school fundraiser, quick homework, bed, school...Does anyone remember their life being this busy in high school? I mean, I guess I ran around non-stop, but I must have blocked it from my memory - because I am shocked at our busy my sisters are. I'm not sure how they do it?


Rachel said...

Ahh the business of life in America. Seems so far away to me sometimes. I feel quite busy here sometimes, but then, when I stop and try to recall what filled the day, it doesn't always look like much on paper: "three and a half hours waiting at a taxi stand, two hour lunch with a family..." hee hee.

Sounds like you guys are enjoying Michigan. Make a snow man for me!


Matt and Rachael Neal said...

I know - its so easy to forget how crazy American holidays are when you're overseas. I think I'm going to come live with you!

Miss you - hope you're having a blast!