Wednesday, March 28

And They're Off... Zambia! Matt's team left this morning at 7am for Africa. What a fun experience! The last few days have been crazy, getting him ready to go. But, when he left today, he looked excited and very much ready to lead the trip. Two adults and 13 students - what a crazy time! They will be gone for two weeks, working and teaching in Zambia. Pray for them. It will be an exhausting experience - but definitely something they will never forget.

In the meantime, I'm home. I have LOTS of plans while Matt's gone. Including, getting the kitchen cabinets paitned (some of you are saying "FINALLY!"), installing new counter tops, going to a wedding out of town, cleaning, lots of laundry - and I suppose a little shopping. Hehe.

Anybody want to come for a visit? Now would be a great time - besides, I could use some help painting.

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