Wednesday, March 14

Zambia in 2 weeks

As every other teacher in the world is preparing for a relaxing week off during Spring Break, my husband is preparing to board a jet plane with 10 high school students and one other teacher to Zambia, Africa! He is really stoked about going, although the stresses of planning a trip like this can sometimes cloud the excitement - especially in the few days before the trip takes place. So, needless to say, his joy is accompanied with thoughts of responsibility. Pray for him?

Also, I'll be staying home alone during those 2 weeks. I'm planning to FINALLY finish painting my kitchen cabinets and hopefully surprise Matt with a finished kitchen when he returns. I may even venture out and get new counter tops installed...but SHHH that's between us. (He never reads this blog.)

Well, hope everyone is enjoying life. Cheer up - warmer weather is on its way!

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