Thursday, April 12

Hey Peeps!

So my wife is making me write on this "blog" thingy (I'm old, I know). Our Zambia trip was great - action packed, nonstop, go go go that you would expect... but still a life-changing experience none the less. When you think short term missions trips, you probably think building stuff or tearing down stuff ~ to sum it up, this one was more relational. I'll never forget the bonds we made in the Siachatema village and school we visited. Just walking, talking, eating, visiting, praying and encouraging them were but a few of the things we did.

AIDS. There were some I met and prayed with that will not be alive at this time next year. POVERTY. Because of the recent drought some will not have enough to feed their families and will starve. Just a couple of things that cause me to look at my lot in life and see how truly blessed I am and that I have a responsibility with what God has entrusted me with. Enough said, pray for the communities we served and the missionaries who are laying down their all for the kingdom.

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Meliss said...

Looking at the pictures from your trip makes me anxious to go in a few months!! (anxious, but if I'm honest...still nervous :) )