Tuesday, October 23

At the Hospital

What a pleasant surprise. They have wireless internet access at the hospital! So, I'm here - about halfway through my testing - and actually able to accomplish some work in the meantime. I've already been fasting for 14 hours - difficult when you're used to eating for two. I've also already been poked twice. YOUCH! As easily as I bruise, I'll probably look like a heroine addict before this is all finished. But, despite all of this, I'm in a remarkably great mood. I've designed two power point presentations and plan to work on a prayer card for my husband next. It's helping to pass the time quite nicely. And, since I have my MAC with me, you can actually see me in the waiting room. What a joy! I should have test results tomorrow, so I'll update soon. Keep praying!

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Lee and Candace said...

I'm glad the Lord has given you such joy! Don't forget to bring your computer to the hospital when the baby comes. We want to see pictures:) We're praying for you!