Monday, October 29

A Weekend Away

What a weekend! Matt and I traveled to Canton, Michigan to visit Ikea on Saturday. We got LOTS of stuff for the baby's room - which is really coming together nicely. We just need the crib and we're all set!

After Ikea, we went to the Melting Pot for dinner and then stayed the night at a hotel. On Sunday, we slept in, ate a late breakfast and then went to the Twelve Oaks Mall to shop. It was a lot of fun! On our way home, we stopped at the Tanger Outlets and did some more shopping - then headed back to reality. Though it was only a 24-hour period - it felt like a week's vacation away! It was just what we needed during a busy, stressful fall.


Kentucky Kate said...

what a creative nursery!!! I love it. As previously discussed, I lack this kind of creativity. I'm completely jealous of your weekend away. A weekend shopping with Eric sounds like pure fun to me - but not to him I'm sure.

Pam said...

You practically drove by my house!!! Of course I was in Saginaw, or I would have given you a hard time about being in Howell at Tanger (7 minutes away from house) :) Maybe next time!
The nursery is so cute!!

Lee and Candace said...

It's getting closer and you are getting ready! So excited for you. Did Matt do the painting?