Saturday, December 1

An Eventful Day

We usually say we're going to "relax" on Saturday - which rarely happens.  Here's what we did today:

1 - We woke up this morning planning to clean out the garage and put up a new garage door. Both of which actually happened.

What we didn't expect was our car being vandalized!  Because we have a one stall garage and two cars, Matt parks his car in the driveway each night.  Someone decided late last night to throw a beer bottle through his back window.  They must have thrown it pretty hard, because we found the bottle in the front passenger seat, with frozen beer everywhere.  We live in a nice neighborhood, just one block from the police station downtown, and rarely have any trouble with people who are up to no good.  Needless to say, this was a kind of discouraging start to our day.  We bought a nice piece of plexi-glass from Menards and duck taped it in place.  That'll do for now.

But, we have a new garage door and experienced the year's first snow today, so there's something to be excited about!


Kentucky Kate said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Our car was vandalized twice this year and it is a stinky stinky feeling. Bummer. On the other hand, your plexiglass job looks good.

running shoes said...

you sly girl! you did in fact... cause me to blog, actually I felt a little guilty. I miss you friends and feel like blogging is a way to stay in touch...kinda connect and see what's going on even though we're far apart.