Sunday, March 16

Lots Going On

Another Sunday has gone by and I can't believe we're starting another week. Not much is new around the Neal household. Annelise has been sleeping really well lately. She finally dropped her late night feeding and is only getting up once in the night. Mom is certainly happy about that - although dad doesn't seem to notice it much! She's also been a much happier baby - content to lay on her play mat. She's beginning to notice her toys now and is starting to laugh. We're really beginning to enjoy her smiles and interaction.

Today, we said goodbye to our pastor of 13 years. Pastor Mark took the lead pastor position at College Park Church in Indianapolis. It's a wonderful opportunity for their family and will allow Mark to spend more time teaching and writing. We have truly enjoyed being under Mark's teaching and shepherding for so many years. We know that God has something wonderful planned for our church very soon!

In other exciting news...our school is celebrating the ground breaking of their new high school facility tomorrow evening. I graduated from Calvary 8 years ago and have anticipated this day for many years. It's so exciting to be a part of this expansion. A new school building will allow us to minister in more unique ways to both our students and the community around us. God has finally blessed us with that opportunity! Matt will start the 08-09 school year in a brand new building. He might even have his own classroom!

Lastly, as many of you know, Matt leads the high school spring break trip to Zambia, Africa each year. This year he will be traveling with 5 students and 3 other leaders April 2-11. Annelise and I aren't looking forward to daddy being gone for that long (and I'm sure he's not looking forward to leaving us either). But, we're excited at the opportunity he has to minister in this unique way. Please pray that God would keep him and his team safe during their travels, that they would have an effective ministry, and that they would be able to raise the remaining funds needed to go. If you would like more info about this trip - or would like to know how you can be a part of making it happen - please feel free to email Matt. Here's a picture of their team.

Well, I'll post more pictures/video of Annelise tomorrow. She is growing so quickly!

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Lee and Candace said...

I was just thinking the other day that Matt's trip must be coming up! We'll be praying for both of you guys!