Wednesday, August 6

Boys will be Boys

My sister is babysitting this week and the little boy she is watching is absolutely hilarious. Conversation we had today:

Little Boy:  (Sits on stool and a little noise comes out)  Oops, I tooted.
Me:  (Laughing hysterically under my breath) Say excuse me, little mister.
Little Boy:  I usually say "scoosyme" when I tootsies at home.
Me: (Still laughing hysterically) Well that's good.

Moments pass...

Me: (Disgusted) Did you toot AGAIN?!
Little Boy:  (Pregnant pause).... (Large Smile)..... Um, maybe it was just some bubbles from before.


The Kampers said...

It dawned on me this fall that someday in the not so distant future my sweet, darling prince of a baby boy was going to turn into a tooting, booger wipping, frog chasing, burping hairy boy...oh dear...what did I get myself into:)

krissy said...

Yep, don't forget the spitting! There is lots of that too. Usually along with the car sounds. But they are still precious!!

Rachael, did you buy the premium package on If not, how did you add color to your black and white and sepia pics? I couldn't find it. Thanks!