Friday, August 29

Carter's Warehouse Sale

The last time Carter's had their warehouse sale, I was a day late and a dollar short literally.  So, I made sure that when the sale started today, I was there!  I did arrive about 30 minutes after the doors opened and it was a mad house.  But, there were plenty of clothes to choose from.

I'm kind of at that stage where Annelise has grown out of all the new clothes people bought her when she was born.  And by looking at her almost bare closet, I began to realize this week that she is going to need clothes for the fall and fast!  What perfect timing! (To my husband's dismay.)

I got

9 long sleeved shirts
1 sleeper set (with hat, bib and slippers)
5 onesies
1 short sleeved romper
1 pair of cargo pants
1 long sleeved dress shirt

all for the low price of $49!

While I was standing in line, a woman kindly handed me a 20% off coupon.  That took my bill down by $14.  Then I got a $10 gift card for spending over $40.  You know, as much as we complain about not having enough money...God incredibly and graciously supplies all of our needs and even some of our cute outfits for my baby girl!


Brett and Kimberly said...

What a blessing!!

Kara said...

Carter's clothes are the cutest! Now that's the kind of shopping I can get into!

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