Friday, September 12

Teeth...When will you come?

Annelise is nearly 8 months old 

with not a sign of a tooth in her mouth.  

This week, she's been drooling, 


and experiencing high fevers.  

Every morning 

I anxiously check to see 

if a little while pearl has appeared..

and nothing.

So, here is a pathetic plea 

from a mommy who wants her happy little girl back.  

Teeth, please come!

And by the way...

don't you just love baby feet?


Kara said...

All my kids cut their first tooth around 9 months. So it's coming soon!
And yes, I LOVE baby feet. :)

Paulina said...

my friend's baby didn't get her first teeth until she turned 12 months! hang in there :)

The Kampers said...

I was going to say when I first saw the photo.."What cute feet!" So..."What cute feet!"

angie & t y h said...

Wyatt has no teeth either and I think he's been teething for 4 months the way he drools and bites things. Ty says hi!

Lee and Candace said...

Isabel didn't get teeth until almost 10 months and still only has four, so don't worry. I've heard the slower they come in the stronger they are, but who knows...they will come!