Saturday, October 4

Pumpkins, Pie, Apples and Cider

What is it about the cooler weather and the leaves turning colors that makes me want pumpkin pie and all things fall!  We went to PumpkinFest in Zeeland last night.  I hate to say this, but what a let down.  We got all bundled up to go see pumpkins, drink hot apple cider and enjoy the festivities, but the place was nearly empty.  We stayed a whompin' 20 minutes.  On a brighter note, we left and went straight to Vitale's Pizza.  Never a let down!  We ate our hearts out for $20 and Annelise was an angel the entire time.  So, lest you be deceived by advertisements for cheap family fun, the old classics like Vitale's usually do the trick.

Maybe we'll visit the apple orchard today?


Paulina said...

You're so lucky you have apple orchards around! We are going to be on the west side of MI sometime after Christmas and I think we'll stay with p&e - will you guys be around?

The Neals said...

we should be! that would be so fun to see you guys.

The Talberts said...

Oooooh. I get all crazy about fall things, too. Sorry the Pumpkin Fest was a letdown. I hope the apple orchard is more of a success. I was thinking about going to the farmer's market to see about some apples and pumpkins today myself. :)

Pam said...

That new picture of Annelise is adorable! I left it up on my screen for a couple hours today because she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Rachael....I love the pictures of
Annelise. I miss you guys so much.
Hope to see you soon. Let me know Sarah's and Leah's addresses so I can talk to them.
Let's plan a time to get together before the Holiday's.
Love, Aunt Suzie