Monday, October 27


Wow - Sorry for the major slack in blogging.  Since our schedule has opened up, I've been very anti-computer (other than what is necessary for work).  Here's a quick update on our life lately.

We spent a long weekend in Kentucky killing three birds with one stone.  Visiting Matt's family, watching my sister play volleyball, and getting out of Holland for mini-vacation.  It was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, we forgot our digital camera, so here are a few pictures that I stole from my sister's facebook.

From L to R: Matt, Rachael, Annelise, Leah, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Matt and Emily

The four girls

"Aunt Sarah, please stop sucking my face!"

The Twins

Matt and Em are goofey!

Oops, I guess we're goofey-er!


Lee and Candace said...

It was so great seeing you guys...even if it was for like two minutes! You look great! Annelise is adorable! I love your hair! You guys need to live closer:)

Kimberly said...

It was such a wonderful surprise to see your pretty face in the halls!!! Hope your trip was seems so! Love your gang sign by the way. :)

Krista Bartlett said...

Rachael... I am in love your blog. I got mine started, but now I am depressed because I saw yours and it is so cute. I will have to travel down to Holland for some lessons. It was so nice seeing pictures of the whole fam.

the Pie family said...

can't tell which one is rachael! you and your sisters look SO MUCH alike!! it was good to see you sunday too!