Monday, December 15

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We've had so much good going on, its hard to relax when the time is given to do so.  I found these pictures on my camera and thought you might enjoy them.  Sorry, they don't really "go together."

I love Christmas plants - especially poinsettias!

Annelise loves taking a bath...

And being naked after the bath!

Redemption:  If you read last week's post about my house in disarray, its only fair to update you on the clean version.  Yes, we are capable of cleanliness, when its convenient.  P.S. The rest of the house is clean too, I just didn't feel like taking a million pictures. So, view the dirty ones and use your imagination as to how clean it looks.  Feel free to exaggerate those imaginations.

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The Kampers said...

very nice! And I am sure you know this, but poinsettias are watch that cutie!