Sunday, December 21

Snowed In...Literally

A snowdrift - similar to the one in our driveway.

Snow, creeping into our garage.  I guess it would help if we closed the door?

A picture taken out of our front door.  Snow still falling!  We haven't seen a plow yet today.

I only remember one other Christmas like this one.  The first year Matt and I were married, I was looking forward to a Kentucky winter.  Everyone told me it would be much milder than the Michigan blizzards I was used to.  Liars.  We got the worst snowstorm Kentucky had seen for years.  My wonderful, newlywed husband listened to me cry and whine long enough that we decided to set out north to Michigan.  There was no way I was going to miss Christmas with my family.  After 10 hours in the car (a usually 5 hour trip), we made it safe and sound.

We've been under a blizzard warning for a day now.  Its been a long, hairy day in our house. Board games, laundry, movies online - the worst part...I didn't get groceries this week because we're supposed to leave for Kentucky tomorrow morning.  So, we have no food (literally) and are stuck in the house for at least another day.  We've crafted up a few good meals nonetheless.

So, here are a few pictures of our snowy existence.  Now, pray that it lets up so we can travel to Kentucky for a milder Christmas!


The Kampers said...

oh I hope that it clears up for you! We are headed downstate this week and are trying to figure out what day will be I know the feeling!

Kimberly said...

Wow!! And we thought our blizzard last year was bad! Be safe and I'll pray for your travels!

Phil Luter said...

I'm getting pretty sick of this global warming.