Tuesday, March 24

One Sick Little Girl

When does it end?

The past two weeks have been miserable for Annelise.  Today has been no exception.  

She has been running a low grade fever since Thursday.  Not wanting to overreact, I assumed it was just teething.

After a 45 minute screaming fit tonight, I decided it had to be something more.  So, we took a trip to Prime Care.  Yes, I said it, Prime Care.  I was fully prepared to spend hours waiting with sick and broken people.  But, I didn't care.  My baby is seriously unhappy, which is making mommy seriously unhappy.  Therefore, hours or not, we're getting to the bottom of this.

Turns out she has a double ear infection, three molars breaking their way to the surface, one of which has broken a blood vessel in her gums, causing swelling and extreme pain.  I feel terrible for my little girl, but relieved to know I wasn't overreacting.

Well, its nothing a little amoxicillin, motrin, tylenol concoction can't fix.

PS - When we got to Prime Care, we were the only people there.  Is this possible?  That place is always swarming with sickies.  Thank you God!


Lee and Candace said...

Yes, it's always nice to know that all your worrying was worth it. I hope she feels better soon!

The Talberts said...

I am notorious for thinking "it's nothing" and finding out (after many sleepless nights) that it was an ear infection or something real.

Sorry Annelise is so miserable. I hope the medicine kicks in soon and she begins to feel better!

Kimberly said...

You probably feel so helpless when your little one is sick! I'll pray for her to heal quickly! Poor little tiny thing!

Kara said...

Poor babe. This has been a miserable winter for us, too. I hope she is feeling back to her old self soon.
Hopefully those teeth will hurry up get where they need to be!

Angie said...

Poor little thing, I should have known when you said she woke up 6 times throughout the night. Well, at least the motrin, tylenol concoction probably helped the pain a little. I hope she's back to herself soon! we miss you guys!