Monday, July 19

Allergies and Toddlers: Singulair

Hm...I'm just wondering if any of you have had experience with Singulair (or other allergy medications) for your toddlers?

Annelise was recently prescribed Singulair for her allergies.  My dad and Matt both have terrible allergies and are on medications consistently to treat them, so when Annelise was prescribed these meds, I wasn't surprised.

Lately, she's been a nightmare child.  Not that she was perfect before, but she has had some bouts this weekend that required her to be restrained.  I mean, just completely out of control.

I did some research this morning on Singulair and found some scary side effects that I wasn't aware of:

  • mood swings/agitation
  • nightmares/vivid dreams
  • disobedience
  • nausea
  • leg pains/muscle cramps
  • tiredness/drowsiness/trouble sleeping
  • aggressive behavior
  • bruising

All of this is very curious to me...any thoughts?


Mike Freestone said...

first go the route of food tests and also check with a naturopathic doctor. regular docs prescribe first and ask questions later. she might be allergic to something she is eating...

running shoes said...

Travis has had some troubles with seasonal allergies, the kids sounds stuffy all the time and his tonsils are consistently HUGE. I found that Claritin works well and have WAY less side effects than prescribed meds. I dont know what allergies she's struggling with, but if she's having that many of the side effects from Singulair, I'd try something different... for her sake and yours at night.

running shoes said...
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crystal said...

My oldest, Grant, has to be on both Singulair and Claritin during allergy season to stay healthy. He is already a handful but we haven't seen the increased aggression the medicine can have on some. But we learned we had to give it to him in the morning or he would wake up through the night. If you find something else that keeps her healthy, I would love to know. I hate that he is on both medicines for almost six months of the year.

The Talberts said...

I can't remember if we were giving Jacob Singulair or if it was something else .. it was a nasal spray for this weird snoring/enlarged tonsil thing he had happening for awhile. And my ped. looked at me like I was crazy, but the day after we started giving it to him, he began having "night terrors". He would wake up screaming .. always within an hour or so of falling asleep .. and was completely incoherent. There was no way to wake him up and no way to calm him down. We would just hold him until it subsided. And he never remembered a thing about it the next morning. It was intense for awhile. Even after we stopped giving him the nasal stuff, it was happening consistently. Almost nightly. Now, it happens every couple of weeks and it's not as intense as it was. Our ped. seems to think that the timing was coincidental with the medication and that he was just at some developmental stage where night terrors are common. But you know .. I still wonder. I would say that if you actually found a list of side effects like that, it totally makes sense. I also agree with one of the other comments about food allergies possibly being a culprit. But anyway. I hope you get it figured out.

krissy said...

John Patrick has taken it for asthma for many years and has been fine on it.
Nothing noticable.
Pretty sure his disobedience stems from the same thing mine does. :-)