Monday, July 19

Just Another Monday

Another whirlwind weekend and we find ourselves thrown into Monday.  Although, its been a productive Monday to start.  Floors swept and mopped, laundry rolling, clean sheets on the bed.  Ah, now that is a sigh of relief.  I find that working on Tuesdays and Thursdays is just the motivation I need to keep things clean and organized.  Plus, its wonderful to know that I have a day before the weekend starts to get all the "work" done so we can enjoy time as a family - and a day after the weekend to recover (both me and the house) before work starts.  Its a really nice combination.

I've rediscovered my love for frozen grapes this week.  What a beautiful thing!  With 90 degree days and no air conditioning, we've been searching for ways to stay cool, energized and healthy.  Frequent trips to Gigi's pool and lots of excuses to go to the grocery story - or anywhere air conditioned for that matter.  Needless to say, I'm enjoying a much cooler, less humid day today. 

My sister Sarah is getting married at the end of August and we are all anxiously awaiting the day...not as much as her though.  Elli is really trying to learn to walk before then so she can join her cousins as flower girls, but I'm just not sure its going to happen.  Well, I'm more sure that its NOT going to happen.  Oh well, they will all have matching dresses to boot anyways!

And, I don't even want to blog it, but I must.  The appearance of school supplies in the stores is a sad reminder that daddy goes back to work full time sooner than we'd like.  We really love his summer schedule.  But, with fall comes a more stable routine...which my kids seem to like...surprisingly.

Ok, so this was a total hodge-podge update.  I should have warned you.  I promise the next one will be full of pictures.

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Liz K said...

sounds like a very nice and productive Monday! So unlike mine:) Will be praying that you have wisdom about Anna's meds! That is all scary territory to me! We had some encounters with drug interaction this spring and it's not simple stuff!