Friday, October 8

Not Our Normal Friday

Not sure that I even know what normal is these days.  I can tell you its NOT being awake all night, just to have my kids wake up at 6 am. 

We're all a little cranky today.

Considering the circumstances, we would normally hunker down and rest, but I have a huge event at work tomorrow.  Like over 1,000 people kind of event.  So, alas, we will shower, pretty ourselves and get to work on all that needs to be done today. 

And yes, with the kids in tow.


Natalie Joy Webster said...

aww...if I were in MI, I'd babysit free of charge for you. Grr..prayin!
love you all!

Mike Freestone said...

Hey Kids....there goes grandpa...go say hi for a few hours.