Monday, October 25


We spent a lot of time this weekend outside, enjoying the extraordinarily warm weather and the fall leaves.  Every fall, I'm reminded why this is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the clothes, the food, the just feels cozy to me.  I know its the season of dying and preparing for hibernation...but its a beautiful process.  And I'm glad God decided to make it that way.  We are enjoying every moment of the colorful leaves, hot soup with bread and light jackets.

Today is Elli's one year appointment (a little late, as usual).  I'm curious to see where she falls on the scale.  Annelise has always been below the average, 10% in weight and 30% in height.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Elli will be much above the average (especially since she and Annelise are practically sharing clothes right now).  We shall see.

So, we're doing our best to get up, get motivated, and accomplish much today.  Its not looking good though...its 10:30 and I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee in my pajamas, writing this blog, Annelise is enjoying Abby's Flying Fairy School on Sesame Street and Elli is sweetly sleeping in her crib. 

Oh well...we'll enjoy these moments.

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