Wednesday, November 24

We're Still Here

I'm so sorry.  Blogging has not been a priority lately.  I'm enjoying 15 minutes of semi-silence (the first in weeks) and hoping to blog a little to empty my mind.  Here are the dreaded bullet points we call life:

  • Thanksgiving is here - holy cats, where did the time go?  A busy life flies by...we need to slow down.
  • Elli was diagnosed with her third ear infection in the last 12 weeks.  Not fun.  We're running low on sleep and energy with lots to do.  Bad combination.
  • Annelise is super healthy!  And boy do I love it.  She is full of energy and life - makes us laugh daily and loves her sister, a little too much.
  • Matt and I feel like we have just slid into home plate, but missed the pitched, hit and first three bases in the mean time.  Needless to say, a four day weekend is welcomed around here.
  • I made 4 pies before noon today.  Accomplishment feels good.
  • Tonight, I will celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with over 1,000 needy people in our community.  Its such a blessing to serve at Holland Rescue Mission.
  • We're going on a cruise in January - and its paid for!  After six years of marriage and two kids, we're sneaking away with my brother and his wife to the Bahamas for a four night cruise.  The best part is we paid for it all in worth the wait!
  • I have lots of pictures to share.  Really, I've been hoping to blog for weeks, show you all that's been going on, but I haven't had a single moment.  So, this weekend we are Christmas decorating and blogging.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Liz K said...

Hurray for the cruise! How very fun! So happy for you guys!

Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Sounds like life around here...we've now added, pneumonia, bronchitis and another ear infection to our list (Wyatt and Levi). The cruise sounds sooo nice, I really need to get away. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Lee and Candace said...

Oh! I hope you have a wonderful trip! That is so exciting! It is so nice to get away just the two of you! Happy Thanksgiving guys!