Friday, November 5

I didn't want to blog today

Really, I just want to be lazy today - about everything...laundry, eating, discipline, cleaning.  I just feel like being lazy.

So, here we go, fighting the urge to not do anything and forcing myself to do something.  Which includes an update on this blog.

The kids are happy as larks, growing like weeds...what other metaphors can I come up with?  I definitely have a busy toddler and a motherly 2 year old.  Which can be an interesting combination.  Most of you are snickering in agreement.  Elli has learned that her scream is excruciatingly annoying to mommy, which makes her quite happy and therefore she continues to do it.  I've had a head ache for 3 days.

That's our boring life.  Sorry no big updates. 


Liz K said...

your life isn't boring, it's just life with little ones! I hear you on that annoying screaming!

Meliss said...

Hey Rachael!
I just read through some of your blog to get updated on your lives! The kids are so adorable! Hope things are going well!