Thursday, December 23

So this is Christmas

Yeast dough made.  Cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls rising. Chicken lasagna made and waiting to be baked.  Egg nog in the fridge.  Pumpkin pies baked...the aroma in our home is wonderful.

Oh and the fireplace is we're enjoying the smell of wood burning as we hunker down and enjoy the holidays.

We're striving to push the world aside and focus on the reason for the season: Jesus Christ.  Our kids don't quite get it this year, but that's ok.  The innocence is beautiful.  They have no idea that presents should line the tree or candy stuffing their stockings.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! 


Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Merry christmas, we love you guys!!! Give those girls a hug for us!!!

krissy said...

Merry Christmas Neals!