Saturday, December 11

That 28 Year Old Memory

My last post wasn't completely truthful.  Unintentionally.  After listing all of the presents we had purchased I began wrapping them on Tuesday night.  Just three presents each?  Is that really all we had?  I felt like something was missing...something big.  Oops!  Matt remembered we still had a few in his car trunk!

We bought not one, but two of these shopping carts.

And I can't find a picture of the other one, but its an etch a sketch/magna doodle combo.  So, after a few stocking stuffers from the dollar store, my kids are set.

Now, off to get the rest of the presents that we have been neglecting to purchase...

1 comment:

Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Now you just need the cash register to go with it! The boys play store all the time.