Monday, January 3

Our Normal

Back to school today.  Two whole weeks with daddy home has left my girls in a funk.   

What?  We didn't know daddy had to go back.  

Well, if we want to eat and live in this house he does. The little things, you know.

So we are back to normal...though I'm having a hard time remembering what that was.  Oh yeah, a clean house, structure, cooked meals, but surely not as much fun as having a full-time playmate in daddy.

The laundry pile is high again (did it ever really get smaller or did I just forget about it during all our fun?).  So today, we're catching up. 

Oh, and I'm doing my annual budgeting.  You know, tweaking the numbers here and there.  We do this more often than annually, but it seems like this is the week where we make big changes.

I'm thinking about canceling DirecTV, lowering our internet costs, canceling the home phone and keeping my free trial of Netflix.

I guess you could call this the week of trimming.  Mhmm...


Liz K said...

I would say eating is highly overrated! Bring on the daddy time! Ha! And as for the it! We love ours and there are so many things you can download...even with our slow cell phone internet. And it's way cheaper!

amber said...

Working on our budget, too! Any tips on lowering the internet bill? I need fast internet for my photography business, but I want it for cheap!

Rachael Neal said...

Amber - Do you have AT&T? We have phone/internet through them, but I'm thinking about dropping our home phone line and lowering our speed. We don't do a lot of downloading or uploading. That would take our bill down by $12 per month. Still thinking about it. Is it worth it? I dunno.