Sunday, August 21


There's something about school starting that makes us really cherish the weekends.  Even though, we don't have anyone going to school this year, it does make us snap back into a routine and well, right now, we're loving no routine.

Last night Matt and I went out on a date.  Yes, a date.  It was wonderful to eat out and see a movie.  A very good movie.  I highly recommend The Help.  Its not often that we both enter and leave a movie feeling like it was the right choice.  One of us always compromises (usually its me, seeing something with blood and guts...I mean, who cares.  I get a seat to myself with no one crying.  I'll watch whatever). But I digress.  The movie is worth every penny...even though we had free tickets.  We said we would have paid for it.  Now I can't wait to read the book.

Then today, we went to the zoo.  Its become an end of summer tradition for us.  Two of the three times that we've gone, I've been pregnant.  Wow.  We went early in the morning and it was perfect.  All the animals were out and ready to socialize.

Daddy and Annelise by the fish tank.  There really are fish in there.

And Elli couldn't be left out.

Watching the gorillas squabble.

Petting the sting rays and nurse sharks.  Well, mommy was.  Annelise heard the word "shark" and decided it wasn't for her.

Feeding the birds.

She loved it!

This was right before I got pooped on.  In my hair.  Go ahead...laugh.

We really enjoyed ourselves, minus a few temper tantrums that I am attributing to ragweed allergies.  Runny noses are no fun.

And we've spent the rest of the afternoon napping, swinging, making laundry soap and folding clothes.  I'm trying a new recipe for dry detergent and decided to use Ivory soap this time.  Last time, the Fels-Naptha was just a little strong in scent for my taste.  Oh...and since I'm a sucker for fresh smelling laundry, I added a half cup of this to the mixture.  Its heavenly.  And it softens your clothes while it cleans.

So, that's us.  We have a few weekends left before the fall begins.  We're looking forward to cooler weather, shorter days and being a little lazier all around.  Slowing down in on the agenda for mommy - and we all know what that means.  Well, nothing really.

Happy Sunday.


Liz K said...

1. You look amazing!
2. The Help is a fantastic read! I read it in about 5 days and that was trying to slow I have nothing to read again.
3. Bird poop, in the hair, yuck!
4. I am jealous and just a bit sad about the fact that you get fall and I don't. Ok, really a lot sad.
5. The end

Kara said...

I think a bird pooped on me yesterday- in my own back yard! Ick! I was going to say something else, but then I read Liz's comment and it was so funny it distracted me from my thoughts...