Wednesday, August 3

My Right of Passage

Every parent goes through it...these moments we call rights of passage.  I guess they're kind of like badges of honor.  I wasn't in girl scouts, but I imagine it being something of an accomplishment when you've earned another badge.

The past few weeks, we've experienced quite a few rights of passage.  Things others adults (without children) would cringe at.  You know, pooping on the carpet, cutting long curly locks of hair, attempting to cut your sister's already too-short hair...those kinds of things.

Though it was tragic at the time...

I think the end result is nice.

And how come no one warned me that my 3-year old would start saying "Ok, here's the deal..."  Do I say that?

Elli has taken on a special role in our home.  At 22 months she's decided the role of rule enforcer fits her best.  Though her words aren't always coherent, its clear what she's expecting.  "No, no Anne..."  Words like mine, ioyikeit (I don't like it) and aheat (I eat) permeate our house.  I will be sad when she gives up the baby talk.  I love this stage.  And I enjoy it when I get to interpret for her.  There's something very gratifying about having to tell Matt what she said.  That's not wrong, is it?

Changes haven't just happened in our children either.  Matt finished a 5-year ministry position at Calvary Schools of Holland at the end of July and is enjoying his first week of work at Wireless Zone - our family business.  I wrote about the venture here, which has since grown to three stores in three cities with lots of employees.  We're excited to see what God has in store.  The schedule is different from what we're used to, retail hours, but I think the stress level will be much more manageable for my man - especially in light of the other change that is happening in our lives.

Ah yes, the twins.  They are growing rapidly - I think I read that between 16 and 20 weeks they double in size...yikes.  At my 16 week appointment we determined they are identical, so we're either getting girls or boys.  Their heartbeats were very strong and both seem to be active - though Baby A is usually the squirmiest while Baby B reacts to the punches.  There's just something amazing about seeing two babies on the ultrasound screen.  It never gets old.  In two weeks I have my anatomy scan (all the men reading this just said, what?).  Basically they are going to tell us the gender (yeah), amongst lots of other things.  I was told to expect the ultrasound to last 2 hours...they have to find and measure everything - two right arms, two left arms, two get the picture.  I guess that could take a long time.  Can you imagine what its like to have your bladder uncomfortably full for two hours?  I might need a bathroom break.  They are also going to measure the length of my cervix, something they don't do until the end with singletons.  I guess in pregnancies with multiples there can be an early shortening of the cervix, which isn't good.  Right now, I'm just praying for over 3cm - anything under and my doctor will put me on bed rest.  Have you ever prayed for a long cervix before?

So, life is really good for us right now.  Changing, but good.  We're enjoying a transition which includes lots of cutting back, refocusing and placing importance on raising a family that knows Christ and the power He has in our lives.  There's lots of trusting going on...and I'm sure you know that's a good thing for us.


Heather V said...

aahhh..i can't wait for you to find out!!! Of course you will blog or post it right away...right?!! What are your girls hoping for? Michael started off wanting a girl, now he wants another brother!

Lee and Candace said...

I was wondering if you had found out if they were identical or not! We'll be praying for your visit and just for a healthy momma and babies! Your girls are adorable, short hair and all:)

Kara said...

It's all so fascinating! I actually have prayed for my cervix- Rachel was 8 wks early , didn't want that to happen again! I think bed rest would really suck! Will pray everything looks great for you!