Friday, October 14

27 Weeks

Baby Boys:  27 Weeks - measuring 34 weeks
And just for's comparative pictures of my pregnancies with the other two.

Annelise: 34 weeks
Elliora: 34 weeks
This week's milestone: Reaching the third trimester!

I feel accomplished.  Months ago I thought once I reached this point, I would be on bedrest, huge and in a lot of pain.  Instead, I'm still working, able to do most things around the house (minus cleaning the tub and picking up heavy objects) and feeling great.

I passed my glucose test, which was a shocker.  I've only gained 10.3 pounds and my blood pressure is perfect.  The only complaint I have is the strain on my back.  There are some days that I feel like my back muscles are shredding.  I guess that's expected when you're carrying twins.

The boys are very healthy.  Both measure about 2 pounds and 14 inches (that's 28 inches of baby inside me!).  Baby B flipped a few weeks ago, so they are both head down.  Too bad I'm not having a natural birth - they'd be all set to go. 

We see lots of movement outside the belly...and my girls love it.  Baby B is much more active.  I'd say he's the instigator and Baby A responds to his jabs.  Sometimes I feel like a leg is going to come straight out of my belly.  I'm thankful for that - its much better than getting stabbed in the ribs, which I remember being painful.

Honestly, I'm loving being pregnant with twins.  Its amazing to think that there's not one, but two little bodies growing inside of me.  We're often overwhelmed at the thought of having to change 20-30 diapers a day once they arrive, but we focus on the joy of having two sweet little brothers for our girls to love.

So, the hope is that we make it eleven more weeks.  I'm scheduled for a c-section on December 28.  I think that's the perfect, snuggly time to welcome two little babies into our home.

P.S. Send diapers!


Betsy said...

You look stunning Rachael!! So excited for you all!!

Betsy said...

I posted my initial comment before you added the two comparison photos and I have to say; you are one of those women that just keeps getting more and more beautiful as life goes on! Like Jayne B, Holly E, Pam G - you look awesome Rach! Love you, miss you!

Liz K said...

you are amazing girlfriend! And I love your hair! Can't wait to see you guys in December!

Rachael Neal said...

Betsy - You are too sweet! Miss you too!

Liz - Can't wait for December! :) We'll either have babies or you'll get to see me the biggest I'll ever be pregnant. :)

Lee and Candace said...

I love how you can see your confidence changes from the 1st pregnancy to the 3rd one. 1st - "Ah, I'm having a baby." 2nd - "I can do this." 3rd - "Piece of cake." You look amazing!!!