Sunday, October 2

Elli is Two

Happy Birthday to our sweet, little Elli!

Two years ago, at this moment, I was laying in an operating room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second daughter.  She entered our world shortly after 8 and has kept us on our toes ever since.

Now she is a spunky little two year old.  Where did the last two years go?

Things I'd like to remember about Elli at this age:
  • She is extremely generous.  Her birthday card from great-grandma contained 2 one dollar bills.  She immediately handed one to Annelise.  I love that she want to share and I hope the instinct stays with her forever.
  • She is spunky.  She walks (runs) with confidence.  
  • No one is a stranger to her.  She says hi and waves to anyone and everyone.  I love that friendliness comes so easy to her.
  • Taking a "sassy" (pacifier) doesn't stop her from talking up a storm.  She is saying full sentences and most of them relate to tattling or bossing big sister around.
  • She loves to look around a room and name all of the people she sees.  Its like a quiz she gives herself.  Of course, everyone gets a hug as she names them off.
  • When she accomplishes a task, like putting a set of blocks together or fitting two puzzle pieces in place, she screams "I did it!" and immediately sticks her hand up and size "Five?"  I always laugh - and I always give her high five.  Where did she get that from?
  • My dad calls her the terrorist of the family.  And its true.  She's sweet and spicy all wrapped up into one.  She antagonizes her siblings and cousins...but is the first to jump in the middle of a fight and break it up.
  • Growing has never been a challenge for her.  She's wearing size 2t clothes very easily and I just had to go buy her a new pair of size 6 shoes, because all of her other ones were "No fit."  Pretty soon, she and sissy will be sharing clothes, which will be quite convenient for mommy.
  • When she sits on Matt's lap at the end of the day, she loves to stroke his face in her hands.  I'm sure he's in a world full of daddy dreams at that moment and I never interrupt.  Its special.
  • "Giki" (blanket) is her right hand man.  We go nowhere without it - and it was do we suffer grave consequences.  If you're in her club, she'll share the tag with you.  And if she really likes you, she'll rub the tag on your face.  Weird, but endearing all at the same time.
I could go on and on about Elli.  Her personality and sweet spirit are such a beautiful mix.  I love that she is so sweet and tangy all at the same time.  She keeps us on our toes and we love everyday that she is part of our family.

We love you Elli Grace...Happy Birthday!

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Lee and Candace said...

What an adorable little girl! Her and Ana would get into WAY too much mischief with each other!:)