Tuesday, February 6

2 Down - How Many More to Go?

Thanks to our trusty snow blizzard - Matt has had two days off school in a row. Yesterday, because the snow created treacherous driving conditions and today, because the wind chill is extremely LOW! I think they said the policy on cancelling due to wind chill was if it was -10 degrees or lower. So, it has to be at least -10 degrees outside. Isn't that crazy!

Needless to say, rescue missions all over the country still need to operate, rain or shine. We're kind of like the post office. Just because there's bad weather, doesn't mean we can close our doors on the homeless. I'm at work.


running shoes said...

so you had to drive in the 'treacherous driving conditions'?

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

The roads aren't too bad anymore. But, its so cold, I wouldn't be surprised if they closed school again tomorrow. Yeah for teachers. Boo for us!