Sunday, February 18

Seussical the Musical

CSH held their second annual musical last night and it was PHENOMENAL! Matt and I were blown away by the performances of the students. The big "AHA!" moment of the year was when the Sour Karangroo (my sister Leah) entered center stage and sang a seusiccal version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" - what a shocker! Who knew she could sing and perform like that? My other sister Sarah was one of the back up singers (she's in the middle in orange). The costumes were phenomenal, the performances were hilarious and we couldn't have been prouder of our students than we were last night. It was a fun evening. Enjoy the pictures.

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Tim St. Clair II said...

Yes, they were AMAZING! I was very proud of what everyone was able to accomplish! WAY TO GO SEUSSICAL CAST!!!