Tuesday, February 27

Puddle Yuck

The snow has been melting slowly but surely this week, creating a slushy, dirty snow on the streets. Our driveway in particular has a big, muddy, icey puddle at the bottom of it. Well, Matt parked my car on the street today before he left for work. As I walked down the drive with my keys and coffee in one hand, and my purse in the other, I debated..."How am I going to cross this puddle to get to my car?" Each driveway on our street is in the same condition and the snow is piled up a few feet high on either side of the drives. So - I thought I should jump over the puddle, safely onto the street. As I made my way, it seemed very logical. Finally, I took the leap, landed on the other side...but I slipped on the ice and fell straight back into the puddle of muddy water, on my bum. As you're laughing (very hard) please know that I didn't get hurt (I'm sure you're relieved). Although, my pride was crushed. I stood up and thought "Man, now I have to go change my clothes!" But how was I going to get across the puddle again? I sat my wet, dirty, cold self down in my car, drove up the drive, and walked very calmly and cooly inside to change my clothes. I'm not sure if anyone saw me fall, but if so, they had a good laugh about it - and probably still are. Yuck!

P.S. - When I got to work, I realize that the majority of the puddle water landed in my purse. So, I spent the first 15 minutes at the office, cleaning muddy ice water out of the crevices of my wallet. Another, Yuck!


Kentucky Kate said...

Oh that is so hilarious!!!

running shoes said...

oh, Ra, I'm so sorry! your story made for a great laugh, though

Meliss said...

Oh, that was HILARIOUS!! it's pathetic that I think for a second, "If only that were me!"