Thursday, August 16

I Gave In

I know, I know. Call me weak, spineless...I prefer to be called submissive, gracious (although my husband would rebuff that statement)! I gave in to Matt's spelling of the name. Definitely not because I was persuaded to believe him. Moreso because I was tired of arguing about it - and quite frankly, I could tell victory wasn't in the near future. So, to save my marriage (boy, that sounds extreme!) and my sanity, I gave in. The good news? I like the name.


Lee and Candace said...

So when will we find out this wonderful name????

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

That is the one thing we are going to keep a surprise! Believe it or not, we can keep secrets - if we try really hard! haha! We find out in two weeks what gender our baby is. Still leaning towards a boy, but God will prove us liars or not on the 29th!

No baby yet?

Kentucky Kate said...

Oh yea!!! "Sounding like a boy" means the baby had a slower heart rate. Generally (this is very generic, but has been true of both of ours) boys have slower heart rates and girls have faster ones. Can't wait to hear. You'd better post the results right away!