Saturday, November 1

My First Halloween

Living in a Dutch community brings a whole new twist to Halloween.  

First, since when can you put a basket of candy on your porch with sign that reads 

Please take one.

and expect anyone to do so?  Only in Holland.  

Having said that, I knew there was no way I could dress-up my 9-month old to go trick or treating without someone asking me

So, really mom and dad are trick or treating, huh?

(Which happened...and the first thought that came to mind was...

Ok buddy, don't act like after your kids go to bed, you and your wife don't sit on the living room floor and pick out all of the good stuff.)

But, I digress...

We dressed Annelise up as a Bengals cheerleader for her first Halloween.  Daddy was very proud.  Even though we don't get to watch the Bengals play, it was better than being a Lions' cheerleader.

And mommy had to dress-up too, just for fun.

And of course, we couldn't go trick or treating without stopping by Papa and Nana's house. They have a mega-church across the street from their house that had "Trunk or Treat."  It was like a huge tail-gating party for kids, with candy, free pizza/pop, professional photography, balloons and more!  We're definitely going there next year.

Hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy Halloween.  

*No pictures of daddy because he has been bed ridden with the stomach flu.  Yuck!  


Pam said...

She is so cute! And the picture of Nana and Papa with Anne is so fun!
We took Evan out too. We like candy. What can I say??

Kara said...

The pigtails are too cute!! She is getting so big!

Lee and Candace said...

Seeing how the Bengal's have lost about 8 times in a row now, I think they need another cheerleader! Too cute!

The Kampers said...

How fun! Glad you had a good time getting candy through your little one!:)

The Talberts said...

Going along with Candace's comment .. I was going to ask if you got your little cheerleader outfit on a discount rack. Poor Bengals.

She is so cute! I'm glad you guys had fun. I like the pig tails.

The Neals said...

funny you should mention the outfit...

i actually bought it as a joke while we were in KY, but forgot to take it back.

so...we ended up using it.

it helped - the Bengals won their first game today!