Monday, February 1

Strep Throat, What?!

Warning: This blog may come off as complaining.

Felt like a truck hit me after church yesterday. Achy bones, achy muscles. What's a mommy to do?

I'm normally not one to rush to the doctor, but decided I shouldn't risk anything with all of my ear troubles. I'm already going to have to have surgery very soon to repair my inner ear, don't want to make matters worse by letting some sort of sickness take me down.

Doc says I have a bad case of strep throat. Who knew you could get strep throat without having tonsils? She didn't.

I'm so thankful for a wonderful friend who took my girls this morning and told me not to pick them up.

Pray for us please. I've never been characterized as sickly and now realize how frustrating it is to constantly have some sort of infection or illness preventing you from fulfilling responsibilities in every area of your life. As a woman who tends to (in a sinfully prideful way) do it all I'm feeling helpless.

Lord, may I rely on you and you alone for my strength (or lack thereof) today.


Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

You don't need tonsils for strep, they just give it a better home to live in. Wyatt just had it this past Friday...103 fever and doesn't like to take medicine! Yeah for mommy, i'm just hoping I don't get it being prego and all. Get lots of rest and feel better soon. Praying for you!

The Kampers said...

Uggg! No fun at all! Get better soon! Wish I could take the girls for you and bring you dinner!

The Talberts said...

I had strep once and it was miserable! I hope you feel better soon, Rachael. Get plenty of rest!