Friday, February 26


We've had a very eventful week and I must say that I am thrilled...for Friday has arrived. It brings with it a coziness that no other day holds. We will spend the day in our jammies. The queen of the house has decreed that. In case you think that's me...the two year old is reigning right now.

Wednesday, Matt and I traveled to Farmington Hills, a three hours drive, to see a specialist about my ear. It was a good visit filled with lots of hope. It appears my right ear drum is 75% gone. Yup, you heard that correctly. And one of my three hearing bones is completely eroded away. So, April 15th we will make the drive again, but this time for surgery to repair the aforementioned. This doctor only performs this type of ear surgery and is confident he can not only repair my ear drum, but also restore most, if not all of my hearing.

In other news, Nanny Neal is coming! I am going to San Diego on a business trip next week - and who better to take care of daddy and the girls than Nanny! I'm going to come home to one spoiled family. But that's ok.

Well, I have children calling for various reasons. I'm drowning out the laundry for right now.

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