Wednesday, May 12

Ear Update

Yippee Skippee!  I went to the ear doctor in Novi today and got a wonderful report.  First, he removed the rest of the packing which opened up a whole new world of hearing for me.  Then, he beautifully announced how well my ear drum was healing.  In fact, they think I should have 100% of my hearing back.  Now you see the reason for the yippee skippee.  Its been a long road, 8 years to be exact, but whose counting?  I'm so thankful for modern medicine and God's gifts to trained men.

Oh and I came home with some awesome pictures of my inner ear before the surgery and after.  I think they are awesome, Matt thinks they are gross.

Believe me, they are awesome!


Pam said...

WAHOOOOO!!!! Can you hear me yelling? :)
I'm so glad for God providing this surgery so you can hear again. Do your girls seem REALLY loud??
Oh, and I'm nerdy enough to think pictures like that would be cool.

The Kampers said...

I am with Pam, you should totally post those photos! Glad you are at 100%!!!

Cara said...

Ditto - Awesome to have the pictures & the hearing!! Praise the Lord, Jehovah-rophe!