Wednesday, May 26

Summer, is that you?

I'll tell you what.  This weather has really put us in the mood for summer.  But, I'm a I can't truly commit in my heart that summer has arrived until July 4th.  Sad, but true.  I mean, did you see those reports that northern California got snow (yes, I said it) today?  We are not exempt.

We've been spending a lot of time outside.  Which means we do a lot of sleeping... even in chairs while we drink our bottle.

And we've been doing a lot of cooling off in the pool.  By we I mean Annelise.

And Elli, well there is no gradual growing for her.  Oh no, she decided to crawl and roll over all in one day.  I think this kid is going to be the one that gives me grey hair.

Why does watermelon from the farmer's market always taste so sweet and juicy?  Today began my weekly purchase for the summer - a ripe, juicy watermelon.  It'll be gone by tomorrow.

And my mom will hate me for this picture, but its more for the memories than anything else.  Anne and Gigi decided to play chalk last night at 9:30 - what fun!  I think we'll have to get ours out today.

We're very excited to head down to Kentucky for the Memorial weekend.  Its been 6 months since we've made the 6 hour drive and I'd say its about time.  Lets pray we can keep these kiddos occupied and happy for that long.  Can't wait to see the Neal family!


The Kampers said...

First off, Elli looks very Luteresk in that photo! Second love seeing your mom and the girls! Third, glow sticks are an amazing early morning, late night car toy, since they glow the kids can play with them in the dark, they are non toxic, and when they drop them you can still find them! They have been a life saver for me over the last six months with all of our deputation travel!

Betsy said...

Hope to see you guys at church Sunday!!

The Talberts said...

What service do you guys go to when you go to Grace? I haven't seen you in YEARS, even though I know we probably come very close to crossing paths every now and again. Safe travels, Neal family! :)

Kara said...

Oh I love how the kids just fall asleep any old place after they've played so hard all day!

krissy said...

Look at Elli's rolls!! SOOOO cute!
Maybe I'll see you at church. We're in first service. (just in case you're crazy enough to go to that one. our kids are awake in time most Sunday mornings.)

Rachael Neal said...

We will probably go to first or second service since our kiddos are early birds took we rarely make it to service though...we end up catching up with friends in the hall most times! Can't wait to see you all. Its been too long!